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Rocking Your Etsy Shop - Pimpin' Your Etsy Profile Page!

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Hello all! I hope you didn't give up on me! Hopefully you've been working on the past lessons we've gone over while you're waiting for me to write another post! Here's a review of what we've gone over recently:

Today we're talking about pimpin' out that Etsy profile page yo! :o)

Image Source: Costume Craze

Your profile page shows the following:

  • your photograph
  • a smaller ‘About’ section (not the same as your About page that we just finished creating in Rocking Your Etsy Shop - Adding an About Page)
  • your shop icon photograph
  • some items from your shop
  • some of your favorite items and shops
  • any treasuries you create
  • teams you belong to
  • and a link to your Etsy shop

Here is a snippet of my profile page for my handmade teddy bear shop, {Something Special Bears}.

To edit your profile click on "You" in the top, right hand corner > Account Settings, and then click on "edit profile" next to your name in the "About you" box.

Now let's pimp out that profile!!

Profile Picture - Add a profile picture, you can use the same one you used in your ‘About’ page if you like. You cannot delete your profile picture once you add it but you can always replace it with a different picture.

I know it's sometimes difficult to use a picture of yourself, it's tempting to use a cute icon instead. If you can muster the courage I think it's a good idea to show your face to the world... the Etsy world that is! Buyer's like to feel connected when purchasing online and seeing a real live person helps. So take that selfie and be proud! :o)

Remember how fun it was to see Stephanie from Glittery Moon Vintage and Jennifer from Jennifer Helene Home in the last post, Rocking Your Etsy Shop - Adding an About Page? Didn't it make you feel like there was an actual human being behind the shop?

If your still not as brave as Stephanie and Jennifer then I've got a trick for you... a little cheater way to use an actual picture of yourself but make it look like a much better... cooler... pimped out version of yourself if you will! ;o)

Step 1 - take that dreaded selfie.

Step 2 - head on over to PicMonkey photo editor: this is your photo on awesome juice 

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Step 3 - Click on "Edit" in Picmonkey, open your picture and then click on the little wand in the left editor menu. It looks like this: 
Now just start playing around until you get your picture not-so-horrible looking (not so horrible according to your critical eyes... because everyone else probably thinks your picture looks fine... just sayin'!)

Here is my original selfie and the after selfie just to give you an idea what you can do! I reeeaaallly don't like that before picture but the after I can live with! It's still me so my customers get a personal feeling and I feel ok about them seeing my face! Win! Win!

Ok, back to editing your profile!

Your Name - Add your name if you are comfortable with that. I like seeing someone's real name that is connected to the shop along with a picture, it feels more personal to me.

City - Add your City. When you start typing your city a list will pop up, choose yours from the suggested list. This allows buyers who choose to Shop Local to find your shop. I have used this method of shopping before, it's kind of fun to see who else near you has a shop, maybe you'll make a new friend in the process or maybe you'll find out that your neighbor has an Etsy shop!

Birthday – Add your birthday month and day here. They don't ask for the year!

About – This is another spot to talk about yourself and your shop. Don't just copy and paste what you used for your About page here, create some new content!

Here is what I wrote for one of my shop's profile pages:

Some sellers have found it very helpful to put a link to their shop at the very beginning of this section (I have done this in the example above). Doing so is beneficial for people who may have arrived on your profile page directly from a Google search. If they are unfamiliar with Etsy they may not know how to navigate to your actual shop so providing them with a link here just helps them out a little bit.

If you have more than one Etsy shop you are required to list those other shops on this profile page, I put actual links to my other shops as a form of cross promoting. If you're starting on Etsy for the first time then just be aware that if you decide to open a second shop at some point that you'll need to disclose that here.

Favorite Materials – If you are a handmade shop, include the different materials you like to work with here, separate them each with a comma. For my {Something Special Bears} shop I listed "Mohairvintage bits and baubles".

If you are a vintage seller you can list the types of vintage items that you look for. For my {Little Vintage Cottage} shop I listed "old crusty, rusty, and chippy vintage items".

Include on Your Profile – put a check next to each of these items you would like to be displayed on your public profile for other's to see. The options are: Shop, Favorite items, Favorite shops, Treasury lists, and Teams. You can pick and choose which one's you want to show but I would include "Shop" at the very minimum.

Even if you aren't currently on any teams, haven't favorited any shops, or created treasuries you can still include these items and they will automatically populate your profile when you do!

Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom when you are finished.

To see what your Public Profile looks like to customers click on "View Profile" in the top, right hand corner.

If you need to further edit your profile page click on "Edit Profile" in the top, right hand corner.

So now you have a lovely picture of yourself (hopefully), an awesome little about section (in addition to your About page), and images from your shop are included along with some other fun little details about you and your materials/processes! 

And one more thing...


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