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What the heck is Etsypedia??

Hi everyone, I'm Tania! Some of you may already know me if you came over from my other blog, Little Vintage Cottage.

I have been selling online for about 18 years. I started with eBay in 1998! Wow! How time flies! My mom joined me during the years I was selling on eBay and then in 2007 we discovered Etsy and opened our first shop together. I then branched out and started my own shop in 2008. I now have three shops on Etsy and I still occasionally sell on eBay as well. If you are interested in checking out my Etsy shops you can see them here:

(My main shop)

(The first shop I opened, it has gone through a couple of name changes since first opening)

(My newest shop with handmade artist bears)

(The shop with my mom that started it all)

Certainly, the number of years selling online does not make a person an expert, nor does the number of sales a person has under his or her belt and I am absolutely not claiming to be an expert, there are many people who have surpassed my sales tenfold and in a fraction of the time. But I still have quite a bit of experience and I am willing to share what I know! 

I am continually learning new things to apply to my own Etsy shops; I don't think you can ever learn everything there is to know. After all, technology is continually advancing so there is no way (in my humble opinion) to ever catch up, we just have to continue to learn by studying and consuming every bit of information. I continue to work on building a solid online presence and my business continues to grow.

I am asked for my opinion and/or advice about selling on Etsy on a pretty regular basis and I'm always happy to help. In fact I like helping and sharing what I do know so much that I had planned to write an ebook... I even started writing it... but things are changing so fast on Etsy that I couldn't keep up! It seemed that every time I finished a chapter it was already outdated :o(

I was almost ready to just give up the idea altogether until it dawned on me... why not share in blog form? It's perfect really! I can update older posts as things change, categorize things easily AND respond to questions and comments!

The name Etsypedia is a play on words...

Encyclopedia: A comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field" (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/encyclopedia) 

Etsypedia: A comprehensive reference work containing articles on numerous aspects of Etsy.  

Welcome to Etsypedia!

I hope you'll become a follower!

Thanks for coming to visit!


  1. Tania, this sounds like a great idea. I would like to add a topic. How do you entice your buyers to leave feedback? Often they take the time to email instead of filling out the feedback form. I have a million more topics - let me know when you need one :>)))))

  2. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together and sharing your ETSY knowledge.
    I have had plans to open a shop for quite some time and I feel like the time is right even though there is so much competition.