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How to Connect Your Etsy Shop to Social Media

Today I'm going to show you how to connect your Etsy shop to social media! Before we get started here are a few interesting statistics about Facebook and Twitter gathered from The Huffington Post and BufferSocial
Source: The Southern Girls Etsy shop!

Some of these are almost 4 years old so imagine how much the numbers have probably grown since then:
  • 23% of Facebook's users check their account 5 or more times daily.
  • 80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.
  • 77% of B2C (Business to Community... that's YOU!) companies acquired customers from Facebook.
  • Social media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web (lol, ok so that doesn't have anything to do with us but it's funny!)

If you have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter for your business you'll want to connect those with your Etsy shop. Doing so will add a Facebook ‘Like’ and a Twitter ‘Follow’ button to your shop home page right below your banner. This makes it easier for shoppers to follow you.

This is what it looks like, you can easily see how many people are following you on each one.

Connecting also makes it easier for you to promote your new listings. When you publish a new listing you will be able to share it to your Facebook and Twitter follower’s right from the listing page.

Once you publish your item a box will pop up like so:
To connect your social media accounts first make sure that you are signed out of your Facebook account.

Click on "Your Shop" in the top, right hand corner > Shop Settings > Info & Appearance.
Scroll down a little bit and you should see "Links".

Click "Connect with Facebook" and a new window will pop us asking you to log into Facebook. If you have multiple Facebook Pages it will provide a list for you to choose from. If you only have one page it will automatically choose your page.

You will need to Authorize Etsy to use your account.

Click "Connect with Twitter" to also connect your Twitter account if you have one.

One thing to be aware of, you do NOT want to spam your Facebook and Twitter followers with your own products ALL.THE.TIME. Make sure you have a good mix of your own products and other posts. Comment, like, and share others' posts too.

When I list new things in my shops I usually list about 4 items at a time but I only share 1 or 2 to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Share Your Favorites on Facebook

To automatically share your favorite items and shops you need to connect your Etsy account to your Facebook personal profile.

To do this first click on "You" in the top, right hand corner > Account Settings.

In the upper, right hand corner you'll see "Connected Accounts".

Click "Connect with Facebook". Now, the things that you add to your favorites will be automatically shared to your Facebook profile!

You can also "Connect with Google", and "Connect with Twitter" if you have all of these accounts.

The Etsy blog has some great articles on how to effectively use your social media accounts (not only Twitter and Facebook, but Pinterest and Instagram too!) to market your Etsy shop {here}.

That's it! Done! 

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