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What's In Store For Etsypedia

It's been a little quiet here on Etsypedia lately... you've probably noticed.

Things were going along just fine and then Etsy changed things! And they changed it a lot! So much so that now some of the step-by-step directions in some posts are no longer current.

Source: http://www.socwall.com/desktop-wallpaper/21175/quot-aww-man-quot-kitty/
So I've got to decide what to do... do I go back and update all posts? Maybe... there are only 18 so far... but what happens when they change things again? And they WILL!

Or do I just keep going using current instructions from this point forward? Hmmm...

What do you guys think? Have you been finding anything useful on here?


  1. I say go forward ..... Yes, I have used your info to update my shop. When Etsy recently made changes, I hoped you would continue. You have put a lot of effort in EtsypediA and I appreciate it.

    Thanks .....

    1. Thanks Linda! I'm glad you are finding the information useful.


  2. Updating your info will probably be a constant, but if people find it helpful...there you go!

  3. I say keep going forward and don't worry about what you've already written. Things are always changing. If it's an issue that's really important you could always put a link in the old post to a new updated one.

  4. I agree with Tuula. Keep going with the new changes happening. I think a lot of the info already presented is still relevant.