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How to Create a Shipping Center For Your Etsy Shop

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As an Etsy shop owner think its important to create a dedicated space for your business. You will definitely need an area for your inventory and it makes things so much easier if you also have a shipping center where all your supplies you'll need are within easy reach.

Etsy shipping center

Here are some items you might need to stock up on:

I'll show you my shipping center as I was setting it up. It looks pretty much the same now except I'm in a different house!

This folding table is so great, it's very sturdy, lightweight, folds up, and it's height adjustable so you can adjust it to the perfect height for you! I wanted my table to be at standing height.
Lifetime 80160 Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table, 4 Feet, White Granite

This is the corner where I wanted to set up my new shipping center. It's in the basement right next to the doorway to the laundry room where I keep all my inventory and boxes and packing material (it's a pretty large laundry room ;o)

I set up my new table at the height I wanted.

Then I scooted my two-drawer filing cabinet over from the other side of the room. It has some boxes for organization on top.

A couple of vintage suitcases make the perfect printer stand under the table and provide additional storage too.

I added a much needed garbage can and my little basket of manila envelopes and tissue paper for wrapping items.

On the corner of the table I used an old 7-up crate to hold all my supplies (tape, stickers, business cards, etc.)

Additional task lighting is nice to have.

The lamp I used is a canning jar that I filled with other people's business cards... I like the graphics on them and they are so pretty sometimes I have a hard time throwing them away, plus I know someone has paid good money to have them printed!

And finally a small vintage suitcase holds items that I use often like my tape gun, return address labels and scissors.

Finally, I hung up my chalkboard with my business name and established date on it!

It feels so nice to have everything right where I need it, now when something sells I can get it all ready for shipping right here and everything is right in arms reach!

Do you have a shop and if so where do you get things ready to ship?


  1. Tania, I'm inspired (if I ever get organized, that is!) Love your little suitcase for access to your most used items. I have one about that size, so that's a great use for it. My space needs a makeover for sure.

    1. Thanks for your comment Florence! Hope you get your space in order!


  2. I just use a counter in the kitchen which has drawers where i keep tape, scissors, etc. It would be nice to have a dedicated area, but this works.

  3. I have my MIL's old library table. It's a good height, has one long shelf filled with supplies and space enough beneath the shelf to place baskets w more supplies - tape, ribbons, envelopes, etc. On the top of the table I too have a lamp, scale, jar w pens, scissors, etc. I have a large world map as a back drop. It makes me feel connected to my buyers. Having an organized space that 's always there certainly helps mailing out purchases easy and quick.

    1. That sounds great Linda! I love the idea of the map as the back drop... perfect for a shipping center :o)